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brooklyn keeps on takin’ it

Recap by Noms & Rogue

We warned you about our 3 Year anniversary…

We promised a wild night to remember and that's exactly what we delivered.

No surprises there.

We gotta be honest…it still amazes us that we've seen a lot of you coming to BKTI every month for three years straight. Even in the few times some of you weren't able to attend, you still reached out to us to wish us a good night and tell us how badly you wish you could be there.

That's love.

You have no idea how much that means to us.

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When we tell you we're happy to see you there, know that we mean that wholeheartedly. Not only are you consistent with your energy, but you also bring great people along for the ride, and in return, we give you a night to remember with friends you care about.

Thank you for trusting us every month with your first Fridays. Not everyone knows how to party, but y’all do.

Y’all really do.

It’s also worth mentioning that we, Noms & Rogue, make it a point to deliver a level of energy that cannot be weighed or measured.

We feed off y’all…

And the more you give…the harder we play.

This isn’t just a random party for us. This is more than just a night of dope music.

It’s an experience…and we work hard to bring that to you every single month.

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This was our 3rd Birthday, so of course we decided to call in a very special guest to celebrate with us, the undeniably talented Quiana Parks aka Quiqui Spears.

She burned that mother fucker DOWN!

No joke.

Quinna dropped an eclectic selection of party anthems that had the entire place jumpin’. As she weaved in and out of various genres, and dropping those sing-along-classics that y’all know so well, the energy in the room hit an all time high and y’all knew what time it was.

Let’s not forget…the queen also had plenty of jokes she slipped in throughout her set that had Noms cracking up.

It was def a remarkable site to see.

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Cue in Noms…

Dude came out swinging from the jump and left the walls inside Friends and Lovers sweating…

No…he really did.

In his own right, with surgical precision, he cut up everything from 90’s Hip-Hop, classic R&B, and House to Funk, Disco, and Dancehall. Each gem he dropped was done with such grace and conviction…it all reminded us of two things:

1. This is Brooklyn…come get some.

2. Noms is a beast…and he’s too damn humble about it.

He knew exactly where to take us once we hit the peak part of the night and it wasn’t done with your typical selections. He surprised us all…and it worked…better than any of us could have imagined.

That in itself right there is what makes veterans…veterans.

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Next up was Rogue…

And without missing a beat…she knocked the rest of the night out of the park.

From setting the perfect mood at the beginning of the night, then picking up where Noms left off, Rogue delivered high powered eclectic sets full of straight up GEMS from your favorite dance and sing along classics as well as deep soulful cuts that had everyone falling in love, all while pushing the energy in the room to the point it was bursting out the seams.

As always, her sets pushed limits…and her star-power behind the decks was undeniable. Trust…folks were trying to catch breathers in between songs…

But there’s no breaks on the dance floor at Brooklyn Took It…ever.

With only 6 years of experience under her belt, Rogue demonstrated the skill set of a DJ that’s easily been rockin’ for decades. She was that on point.

Here's to many more years of dope music, beautiful people, excellent DJs, and positive vibes.

Thank you again for being a part of this with us. Stay tuned for the next BKTI in March.

Relive your favorite BKTI moments below:


To you, from us

Shot by Still1 (@still1 - Instagram)