August Photos

Cookin’ Soul

Recap by Noms

August was dope…and hot as hell.

We closed out the summer proper and even though it was a boiler room in your favorite Brooklyn dance spot, we managed to keep the vibes cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Usually when you have a packed house, super high heat, and a whole bunch of drinking, things can get a little hostile.

Not here and not tonight.

Y’all came fully equipped with good vibes and one main goal - DANCE!

And that’s exactly what you did.

For this month’s edition we featured the big brother and BKTI alumni iRon Duks, who absolutely crushed the dance floor with a mix of classics, sing-alongs, and throwbacks.

Myself and Rogue wasted no time in keeping the vibes high and the dance floor packed throughout the night with a mix of dancehall, disco, and those solid gold Hip-Hop throwbacks y’all love.

But would you expect anything less?

Of course not.

That’s why this is your favorite dance party and that’s why we love you.

The big homie Cappa was on point-and-shoot duties for the night and captured some gems posted below.

Until next time, keep the vibes right and enjoy the rest of your summer.

One Love.


August Photos

To you, from us

Shot by Cappa (@cappatography - Instagram)