January Photos

Everyone Falls In Love

Recap by Rogue

Brooklyn baby, you never cease to amaze us.

On Jan 4th we hosted our very first Brooklyn Took It of 2019 and the energy was absolutely magnificent. It was apparent that everyone was very intentional when it came to starting off the year on a good note.

The love.


It was all over the place and it was beautiful.

The entire night was the equivalent of Tanto Metro & Devonte's "Everyone Falls In Love."

You could most certainly feel it in your chest.

By the time the lights came on, you were probably swaying with a new friend to Erykah Badu's Fall In Love (Your Funeral) or throwing back shots shortly after to Slum Village's "Get Dis Money" as you got ready to make your way out the door.

You see a theme here? We felt it all night.

Thank you for sharing your first weekend of the year with us. As always, it's a pleasure to play for you all every first Friday.

This night was obviously magical - can you imagine what our 3 Year Anniversary is going to be like?

Cause you don't have to imagine shit.

We have a date and we want you there, with us, all night, celebrating Brooklyn Took It's 3rd birthday.

Mark your calendars NOW for February 1st at 10PM at none other than Friends & Lovers

One Love


January photos

To you, from us

Shot by Cappa (@cappatography - Instagram)