July Photos



Recap by Rogue

Wow...July you beautiful month you.

What a way to turn this summer upside down. Y'all went hard from start to finish and it was nothing less of excellent.

As we always say...YOU are the reason we continue to do this.


This edition, we had the pleasure to host the ever so gifted DJ Zephyr Ann. The homie really showed out with one hell of a set. She rocked everything from cool New York House, dope edits of classic jams, screw-face Hip-Hop bangers, and my personal favorite moment, when she dropped Celia Cruz's "La Vida Es Un Carnaval"

DJ Noumenon flexed with some SERIOUS cuts & Classic Dancehall GEMS while ya'll were going the fuck off in dance cyphers. By the end of the night, I went ahead with the body-rollin, sangin-with-your-eyes-closed, slow-swaying-with-your-partner, slow-burn jams.

When you needed fuel in your system, Moko Jumbee Fusion was set up right outside and ready for you to feast on their BOMB food plates.

Honestly, it really doesn't get any more Brooklyn-Summer than that.

The walls were sweating and you could feel the collective pulse in Friends and Lovers. You all really bring out the very best of your energy every damn time that you come to BKTI. We love you for that.

As always, we can't wait to do it all over again with you.

We'll see you on Friday, August 3rd at Friends & Lovers - 10PM, $5 entry


July photos

To you, from us

Shot by Cappa (@cappatography - Instagram)