May Edition

BKTI May IG.jpg

The Founders

Every so often we'll have an edition of Brooklyn Took It that solely focuses on myself and Rogue so that we can truly connect with our audience. I'm not saying this doesn't happen when we do have a guest; because it absolutely does, but it's more so us reminding you why you love this party and why you continue to support. It's a way for us to introduce ourselves to new comers and show them - you came to the right place. 

Friday, May 4th at 10pm, come out to Friends and Lovers for 6 straight hours of non-stop classics, throw-backs, and everything in between that will keep you rockin' with us until the lights come on.

You won't be disappointed.

**Please note - due to a temporary adjustment to capacity at Friends and Lovers, space is rather limited and wait times in line have increased. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding. While in line, we ask that you be patient and respectful towards the Friends and Lovers staff, security, and other patrons. Thank you - Noms**