April Photos


Old Man Noms

Recap by Rogue

April was a night to remember.

The energy was absolutely beautiful from start to finish. We went back to the days when we used to party (HARD) at our friends cribs. Back when you'd pack that basement with all of your friends, and their friends' friends, and THEIR friends' friends. All you did was laugh, sing, drink, and dance all night till the lights came on.

And that's exactly what we did.




By the time J-Smoke got on, the place was JUMPING. The walls were sweating just as much as we were while the homie dropped straight heat during his entire set. We couldn't let him leave so we had a nice back to back rotation between the three of us at the end of the night. If you were there till the end, you also got blessed with mad sweets, compliments of Noumenon's birthday piñata extravaganza.

You guys really make Brooklyn feel like summer all year round. Thank you for trusting Noumenon and myself with your First Fridays and for matching our enthusiasm and love for this event. Our appreciation for you is eternal.

Anna Watts really showed out this month and took some really dope flicks of the night. Peep all the moments below:


April Photos

To you, from us

Shot by Anna Watts (@@anasaura_ - Instagram)