March Recap


Straight Outta Jersey

Recap by Rogue

Yo! March should I put this?


Fresh off our 2 year anniversary, shouts to Reborn and Boogie Blind, we wanted to switch things up a bit and bring in a guest that we've been building with for quite some time. We wanted to introduce our crowd to a very important element in the DJ community, and we felt our guest was the perfect person to do just that. 

Let me start off by saying BERGEN COUNTY WAS IN THE BUILDING!

Special guest DJ Emskee (Teaneck, NJ/Brooklyn, NY) came through and DELIVERED. Bruh. He party rocked his entire set on vinyl with zero skips and all good vibes. His records were proper and so was his technique. Needless to say, the homie killed it.

The entire night was such a good time. Y'all are the real MVPs though. This party would not be the same without you. Thank you for being down with us.

Come through and party with the crew again Friday, April 6th. We're celebrating Nom's birthday, so get ready. It's going to be a special one.

Here's what our March Edition looked like through the lens of Anna Watts.


March Photos

To you, from us

Shot by Anna Watts (@anasaura_ - Instagram)