January Recap


Recap by Rogue

First Friday of the year...and as planned...we started with a BANG.

The energy was absolutely beautiful from start to finish. The relentless cold wasn't shit. We danced to throwback jams all night without giving a single fuck about anything going on outside of those walls.

I just saw smiles...

All night...

And A LOT of dancing.


Cue Still1...our special guest for the month and homie since day 1.

He played all the necessary jams mixed in with some undeniable soulful classics. You guys moved to every track he threw at you without missing a beat. 

The connection between you and Still1 was mos def a site to see.

He knew exactly where he wanted to take you all...

And you followed him every step of the way.


It was the perfect setup for Noms to go on next and show everyone what 24 years of DJing sounds like.

That shit was magical.

He jumped from classic Hip-Hop and R&B party classics to a mean 90's Dancehall set that had everyone sweatin'. His mixes were so damn clean and his cuts were so precise. Noms put on a clinic.

On top of it, he hosted his ass off the entire night...

He's a machine...with so much soul.

Is that even possible?


By the time I stepped on, you were more than likely sweating off your entire body weight and needed a break...

I had no intentions of giving you one or dialing it back.

I dropped all of your favorite Hip-Hop tracks and you belted out every single word...

On. Every. Single. Song.

It was too dope.

I decided to switch things up and we all caught the holy spirit together when I threw down a quick classic house set...

The energy from the dance floor was beautifully overwhelming.

I didn't think we all could go any higher...

I was wrong.


To my surprise, Scienze stepped on stage after Noumenon's thank you speech and fiercely delivered one of my favorite tracks ever, Enjoy Tonight.

It was a super dope surprise from the Brooklyn Emcee and Sensei Noms for yours truly, and it's something I'm never going to forget.

The energy between the two of them over the chorus was so ill...

Noms' back up scratches over Scienze's hook was like watching two Jedi Masters sparring for the hell of it. They weaved in and out of each other flawlessly.

I shed a single thug tear...

And I think you did too.

The energy the entire night was warm and positive...

Like I said earlier...

Beautiful from start to finish.

Thank you Brooklyn.


January Photos

To you, from us

Shot by Kennly Polyak (@ponzidream - Instagram)