December Recap - It Went Down Like This...


Recap by Rogue

We just wrapped up the last Brooklyn took It of the year with a mf bang y’all. Iron Dūks got realllll funky and delivered one of his best sets yet. DJ Esquire made a surprise special appearance (and by surprise, we mean he was hanging out and we made him get on the set and he killed it PER USUAL). Noms perfected his stand-up comedy routine in between sets. I got two inches taller and closed out the night by throwing down a b2b set with my big bro Esquire. All of this while every single one of you were singing, sweating, dancing, laughing, mingling, and most importantly, feeling real fucking good about everything in that moment in time.

The energy is always incredible.

To those of you who have come out and come back for more, we want you to know that we see you and we thank you for being there. Thank you for bringing people you care about into the space so we can all make some new memories together.

Thank you to all the new faces for coming out, we hope to see you again. Thank you for supporting us.

We have more in store for so much more. <Cue De La Soul - Much More>

We’ll see you again (and again) Jan 5th @ Friends and Lovers 10-4. In the meantime, see for yourself what the night actually looked like.

To you, from us

Shot by Kennly Polyak (@ponzidream - Instagram)