September Photos



Recap by Rogue

Do you remember the first Friday night of September? 

You should.

A lot of magical shit happened that night.

“What you happened?”

Well…it’s quite easy to explain.

You see, the same thing happens around this time of year every year.

You begin to experience a feeling that you’re not too fond of.

It’s the old familiar feeling that happens right after Labor Day weekend.

That feeling of…damn…this is the last weekend of summer.

But that feeling faded as fast as it was created.


Because you showed up on the first Friday in September and Brooklyn Took It was going down.

And all was right in the world.

DJ Pollux Star Took us on a ride playing straight heat for his entire set. We damn near lost our minds when he dropped MFSB - “Something For Nothing” into Jay-Z’s “What more can I say. The energy was explosive. Whew.

Noumenon happened to be especially in his bag, cutting up a storm and delivering bangers all night all while dealing with a torn/hyper extended tendon in his thumb. The mvp had the the walls sweating.

And as for me? You already know I killed it. Thank you for vibing with me and the rest of the Brooklyn Took It  crew. Y’all make this night our favorite night to look forward to every month. 

As always, Cappa was a ninja behind the lens and captured some excellent moments throughout the night. Relive the good vibes below:


September photos

We’ll see you at our next date: 10.5.18 | 10pm at Friends and Lovers