October Edition


You already know what time it is, what this is all about, and what we’re gonna say next. At this point, we’re really talking to the new folks that came across the site or our social media trying to see what the hype is all about. Continue.

Trust…it’s not hype. We do the damn thing.

Every first Friday, myself and Rogue team up to throw a mean fucking party at Friends and Lovers, and a bunch of people come out and listen to dope shit. Most will drink. Others will socialize. But EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, dances like their shaking off 20 years of stress and stank. It’s that serious.

This month, we said no guests and decided to show folks why we do what we do. It’s cause we love this shit…and you…so why not have a party and celebrate both? Plus it’s Friday…most of y’all ain’t got shit to do the following day anyways.

So come through Friday, October 5th at 10pm to Friends and Lovers and shake off some of that stank.