January Edition featuring Still1


What up Brooklyn!

Happy New Year! Ahhh yes...a new year...filled with all sorts of wonderful unknowns and life experiences that will either make you prance like a magical unicorn while listening to Ghostface play an elven wood flute, or smash your face against your keyboard uncontrollably with Nickelback playing as your theme music. We hope for the unicorns...we really do. But whatever happens, just know that we will always have Brooklyn Took It to help you get through the new year.

As a matter of fact, we have the first Brooklyn Took It of the year and what better way to kick things off with a night of dancing, laughs, drinks, and an all around good time. But wait...there's more. We're also celebrating Rogue's victory over her battle with cancer and she would love to share this moment with all of you. On top of all that, we have the long time homie and super funky DJ, Still1, joining us as our special guest for the month. Still1 is no stranger to the Brooklyn Took It dopeness as he's been one of the photographers that you may have seen in the past running up on you and snapping your mug. Yup. That guy.

You know what, just peep the video so you can see what you're missing and then decide for yourself.

We'll be there...