August Recap - On & On (...& on & on)

Recap by Rogue

Thank you Brooklyn for making our August Edition: A Summer Get Down with myself and Noumenon feel like Marvin Gaye's "I Want You." As always, the vibes were superb and the love was real. Everyone at the beginning of the night was in a trance, dancing in their own world and not caring about what else was going on around them.

As the evening progressed, there were complete strangers dancing with one another, sharing smiles, laughs, and singing to each other. It was beautiful to watch from the DJ booth. Ya'll gave us amazing energy to work with from the jump, all the way until the very end, when the lights came on and "Prototype" by Andre 3000 was closing out the night. Thank you for always being so positively fucking awesome to us.

If you were there on Friday, you probably saw the homie Leighton Pope documenting the evening. Here's what Brooklyn Took It looked like through his lens:

Whether you've already been to one of our events or not, by now you already KNOW this isn't a party you want to get caught missing out on. Mark your calendars... all of them. Next date is September 8th at Friends and Lovers, 10PM.

You have been warned.