May Edition Featuring JayRicks - April Recap


Recap by Rogue

Whattup fam!

We have details for your Friday night plans right here on this flyer so no need to look anywhere else. Wait...why would you be looking elsewhere? You're already here reading this so you know what's good for you. Carry on.

This month we're bringing back the homie Mr. JayRicks to throw down with myself and Sir Noms for another installment of Brooklyn Took It. JayRicks has been down since day one and always comes correct with his sets. It's gonna get hot and sweaty in there so dress light.

The rules, as always, are very simple:

  • Come as you are, ready to get down.
  • No phones on the dancefloor...unless you're capturing the dopeness that overflows inside Friends and Lovers of course.
  • Be nice and tip your bartenders.
  • But most importantly....Good Vibes Only! No exceptions!

If you've attended any BKTI event before, you know it gets packed with a line outside, so get there early friends! There's only so much hot chocolate or lemonade (depending on the weather) that Justen can make for y'all.

Also...about last event...

...damn Brooklyn, you really know how to show out.

I've been sitting in front of my laptop for much longer than I am comfortable sharing, trying to find the right words to articulate what last month's edition of Brooklyn Took It meant to me. To put it in short and sweet terms, you really fucked me up in the best way possible. For those of you who weren't able to attend April's installment, let me fill you in real quick:

The theme for April was in the title, spelling out FUCK CANCER in big bold letters. We held the party as a benefit to help yours truly battle the fuck out of that weak ass illness. The line up consisted of some of my favorite DJs, Esquire, Dash Speaks, Twelve45, Mike Strick, and of course, the birthday man himself, Noumenon. Needless to say, everyone crushed their sets and I got the chance to beat the fuck out of a pink star-shaped piñata with a Barbie on it saying, "Fuck Cancer."

Friends and Lovers hit capacity at 11pm, with a long ass line down the block outside. Yo. It was cold outside, like really cold, and ya'll STILL waited in line, ready to get down. Once again, we can't thank everyone enough for rolling through, patiently waiting in line, and then dancing your ass off inside with us.

The evening was filled with an overwhelming amount of love, positive energy, and like, A LOT of happy drunk dancing. I want to thank everyone for being there, for being so incredibly positive and supportive, even if you didn't know me personally. Thank you for donating, even if you couldn't make it out. Thank you for partying hard as fuck with us. We are eternally grateful for all of you. Thank you for a night we will never forget.

See you 5.5.17 at Friends and Lovers, 10-4, Free to party all night.