May Recap - Rain Ain't Nothin' But Water


Recap by Rogue

May was a GOOD-ASS-VIBE.

The rain decided to make another special appearance, and as usual, you guys gave a total of ZERO fucks about it and showed out anyway. Even with a line outside, you still waited because you knew something really dope was going on inside - and it wasn't long before you were in the middle of all of it, dancing your ass off, and singing at maximum levels, maybe off key, (although seriously, who gives a fuuuck when you're feeling the shit out yourself during your favorite song?) You know, the norm for first Fridays at Friends and Lovers.

Inside was a party. Noumenon, JayRicks, and yours truly were rotating sets every 30 minutes throughout the entire night with a mix of our usual steez: Funk, Soul, Disco, R&B, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, House, Whatever We Feel Like Playing, etc. I even went in at the end of the night with a proper Latin set; on a personal note, it was fun as fuck.

Gloomy weather and all, the positive energy was at an all-time-high. Its a beautiful thing to see a bunch of strangers partying (HARD) together like they've known each other since the diaper days. We're grateful to have the opportunity to connect and party with all of you - you make this night so damn good. Come rain, shine, snow in June, whatever the weather may be, we look forward to seeing you again along with all the lovely new faces at Friends and Lovers, on June 2nd. In the meantime, check out the photos from May 5th, shot by the homie Cappa:


Seriously, if you haven't made it out to Brooklyn Took It yet, wtf are you waiting for?