"Canned Heat" - Brooklyn Took It One Year Anniversary Recap


Recap by Rogue

I think I'm just now fully recovering from the last edition of Brooklyn Took It, which is nothing to be shocked over if you happened to make the right decision to be there. We celebrated our very first birthday with a house full of beautiful humans, birthday decorations, and a line up stocked with incredible talent.

Iron Duks kicked the night off way proper with straight classics, ranging from Black Sheep's "The Choice Is Yours" to Soul 4 Real's "Candy Rain," with a ton of jewels in between. It was only 10pm and the dance floor was already mobbed and full of good vibes.

TiffStar took over like the true bad-ass that she is and rocked the crowd with nothing but heat. At that point in the night, she already had everyone singing at the top of their lungs and dancing like they didn't have 5 more hours to get down. She blessed us with some proper dance classics like "Finally" by Ce-Ce Pension, on top of some house gems like Crystal Waters' "100% Pure Love."

DJ TiffStarr rockin' that feel good at BKTI Year One.

DJ TiffStarr rockin' that feel good at BKTI Year One.

JayRicks came on smooth with an ill blend of current and early 2000's throwbacks. One moment he had you rapping every word to "Famous" by Kanye West, and next thing you know, you were singing like you do in the shower when you're home alone to "Just a Friend 2002" by Mario. At this point, I already lost about 20lbs from dancing.

By 11pm, we had already hit capacity at Friends and Lovers. It was cold as fuck outside and you guys still waited, patiently and respectfully, to get in and party with us. I'm struggling to find the right words to express how much that means to us and how grateful we are that you even did that. Thank you. A million times thank you. We can't say it enough.

Noms and myself split an hour to party rock. Noms came in on the soulful tip, blessing the dance floor with some crowd favorites like Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," Luther Vandross' "Never Too Much," and Michael's "I Wanna Be Where You Are." The energy was so right, my guy. THE-ENTIRE-NIGHT. By the time I came on, it was time for some hype shit. I went off on everything from MOP's "Ante Up" to Young M.A.'s "Ooouuu" with some reggae and dance-hall on the side for you to savor and put them hips to work.

Enter the stage Downtown's Sweetheart, Vashtie. Ya'll seen her rock before? Because home girl CRUSHED her set. Hard. Straight off the bat she hit the crowd with Big Sean's "IDFWU" which had people going AWF. She then smoothed things out with classic joints like Next's "Too Close." Her set was so ill, it actually summoned the spirit of Rosie Perez who took over everyone's bodies on the dance floor. If you weren't channeling the vibe and dancing like the queen herself, you were going off or admiring the b-boy/b-girl cyphers that were popping up all throughout the space.

Something very important that cannot go unmentioned: WE HAD A UNICORN PIÑATA! (thank you Justin!) The plan was to let a bunch of you take a swing at the unicorn, it really was. BUT! what ended up happening was far more epic. The short ceremony started with a quick speech from Noms that lead to us bringing up our good friend Kunle to the stage to take the first swing. He swung so hard that the unicorn flew across the venue, exploding with love and sweets. Shouts to everyone who got crazy hyped for the candy, we hope you enjoyed the treats. RIP Charlie The Unicorn.

Esquire and Noms holding down stage duties at BKTI Year One.

Esquire and Noms holding down stage duties at BKTI Year One.

How do you even follow that epic moment? One word: Esquire. If you've been to any BKTI event, you've seen this man throw down and you danced your ass off. We saw you. He's been a featured guest in May, and also an unofficial guest in pretty much every edition he comes out to. He's just that dope, so we don't let him get away without blessing us with his skills. You wanna know about party rocking? He's the man to look out for. Esquire plays the shit out of E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-GGGG, so this night was no exception. He hit everyone with straight heat the entire time he was on. By the time he was done I felt like I had completed the entire Insanity workout under one hour.

Esquire, Noms, and myself took a moment at the end of the night to play a quick impromptu tribute to one of our favorites crews, Wu-Tang. Can I just say how beautiful it is to watch the younger crowd rock to Wu as hard as the older crowd? It's something straight out of a feel-good movie with real ass hip hop.

There were an insane amount of memorable moments worth mentioning, but you know what? YOU HAD TO BE THERE. Seriously, we tell you this every month. If you haven't been out to BKTI yet, I don't know what else to tell you man. Lucky for you and everyone else, we have footage from the evening, so if you missed out or want to reminisce on the good times before the next installment, we got the plug right here. Photos and video were shot by the incredible Kenny Polyak, who was a ninja with the camera the entire evening. If that's not enough, we also have more photos coming your way from the homie Cappa Photography, who has been down with the crew for what it feels like a lifetime. If you like your photos and want to share them, make sure to give these gentlemen some much deserved love.

We couldn't be more proud of the growth and progress of this event, and we certainly would not have gotten to this point without your support. We love you, fam. Get ready, because this is only the beginning.

See you at the next installment of BKTI featuring our good friend, Detroit native, DJ Soko on March 3rd at your favorite Bklyn venue, Friends and Lovers. You already know what it is. Come as you are, ready to get down.

While you wait for the next one, check out the images from our One Year Anniversary!