November Recap - The Look of Love

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Recap by Rogue

Yo. November ‘17 was entirely too dope.

We had the brother from another, Dash Speaks, bless us with a guest spot on the line up, representing for himself and Future Old School. Guess what? Dude did not disappoint by any means. You surprised though? You shouldn’t be. Dash is a very dope party rocker. Our guests are always dope. You guys are always dope. There’s a pattern there, na mean.

The overall vibe that night was LOVE. Every month is super positive and filled with good vibes but November was especially loving to us, and we’re very grateful for it. I don’t really have an explanation as to why, but damn, keep it coming fam!

In my efforts to avoid repeating myself when I say “if you weren’t there, you missed out” like I always say (and mean it) I decided to share with y’all a 30 second recap, shot by the very talented Lens Ninjas Cappaphotography & Still1. See below and enjoy reminiscing over the party or smacking yourself in the forehead for not being there. Either or, this is for you friends:


We don’t want you feeling bad though, there’s always more! You don’t have to miss your chance to having the greatest night ever again. Come out to Friends & Lovers on Dec 1st to celebrate one hell of a year with the crew. Free before 11, $5 after.

Sincerely with love and badassery,

The Brooklyn Took It Crew.