October Recap - Bring Em Out!


Recap by Rogue

October, as predicted, was excellent.

Noumenon and I went back to back with Funk, Soul, and Disco as the crowd started to trickle in to a sage-scented, smokey dance floor. Within minutes, the very beginning of the evening already was looking like prime-time with heads dancing to everything from Marvin Gaye to Wu-Tang. Needless to say, the vibe was incredible.

Friends & Lovers was PACKED by 11pm and that was only the beginning. This month, we were honored to feature not one but TWO bad-ass DJs on the BKTI stage. All the way from North Carolina, DJ Battle took over the set at 12pm and party rocked his fucking heart out. By 1am, you were in for a treat because the legendary DJ A.Vee got on to do WHAT HE DOES BEST with a set full of jewels, classics, and classic-jewels.

By the end of the night, everyone was wildin out. All 4 DJs were trading off every 3 songs while ya'll were trying to get your last drinks and squeezes on before last call. The last hour of the night was a perfect combination of dancehall, underground hip-hop and baby making soul music.... you know, the norm.

As always, we thank you for a night full of dancing, laughing, singing, and all the positive vibes.

IF you happened to miss out, photographer Leighton Pope did you a solid and documented what a good time looks like, in case you were wondering. See below:

Brooklyn Took It