October Edition featuring DJ A.Vee


What up Brooklyn!

October's edition of Brooklyn Took It is going to be crazy! We got two....yup TWO....special guests this month. First up, we got my main man all the way from North Carolina and a true party rocker, DJ Battle. Yes...that's his real last name. Battle and I have rocked countless parties throughout my time in NC and it's only right that I bring him up for Brooklyn Took It....cue up "Reunited".

Our other special guest, and I'm super hyped on this one, is the Legendary DJ A.Vee. This man is an NYC legend and has made HUGE contributions to the DJ culture for years. He's worked with major artists ranging from Jazzy Jeff, Spinbad, Prince Paul, Masta Ace, and a TON of other artists. If you're like me and was huge on mixtapes from the 90s to early 2000s, then you'll probably recognize the name from the classic Cornerstone Mixtape series. A.vee is a beast! 

Grab the crew and head to Friends and Lovers...no excuses.

BKTI Ooctober Print.jpg