December Edition featuring Iron Duks


What up Brooklyn!

I wanted to take a moment and give a huge shout out to all the folks that continue to make Brooklyn Took It such a special thing. No joke. A lot of people come up to us and are always thanking us for throwing such a dope party, but I hope they understand that THEY TOO play a very important role in all of this. From the guest DJs to the dancers, to the wallflowers and the drinkers, we thank you for your attendance, energy, and support in creating a dope environment for EVERYONE to enjoy. Thank you.

This video is a quick recap of what went down in 2017. If you were there, you're probably in one of these clips or your name is at the end. If you weren't, then I can only say sorry and hope you come out for this one....or the next....or the one after....or you know....make this a medium level 3 priorities in your life...I'm just sayin'...things could change for the better in your life.

This month's edition of Brooklyn Took It features our homie, down since day one, the big bro, Iron Duks (I can't get that little bar over the u to show up - ha!). It's his 3rd appearance with us and we felt it was the proper way to close out 2017 with one of the OGs. Myself and the "I want a raptor for a pet" empress herself, Rogue, will be rocking out as usual. 

Grab the crew and make moves.


BKTI Dec17 Print.jpg