December Recap & January Promo


Recap by Rogue

Get that dirt off your shoulders, Brooklyn.

Damn. What a way to finish 2016. What a way to kick off the new year. You see, at this point, we're pretty sure you know what the deal is with #BKTI - you already know you're coming out to have a good ass time with your crew, you're going to make new friends, you're going to dance and sing till you run out of fuel, and then you're gonna party some more till they kick us out. All in that order.

Every month we know it's going to be a good night, but you always take the energy to a whole new level of amazing. We couldn't ask for a better audience, and we see you as so much more than that. You're family. You're the drunk family members everyone wants to party with and we love you for that.

December Recap

December was truly a perfect way to finish the year strong and on a very positive note; we put together a recap video (shot By Kenny Polyak,) which you can see in our January promo. You can go watch it and relive the glory of that night, or if you missed out, check it out to kick yourself in the ass for not being there. In any case, you can go ahead and peep the photos of the night below:

January Edition


This past Friday we had our first BKTI of the year and it was nothing short of excellent (stay tuned for photos, the homie Cappa held it down.) As usual, Friends and Lovers was packed with beautiful people and positive energy - we're not fucking around when we say this event welcomes good vibes only. We thank you for being extra dope. Shout out to DJ Esquire, who caught the BKTI-Holy Ghost and blessed everyone with an impromptu set. We also want to give a huge shout out to the FNL team Justen, Tammy, Yi-Wen, Kern, and Zach, without them, this experience would not be the same for any of us.

You've seen the pics, you watched the videos, you read the blogs. Don't get caught out there and make sure you save the date for the next installment; it just so happens to be our one year anniversary, so you already know we have some tricks up our sleeves. Get to it and save the date for Friday, February 3rd.

See you then.