Brooklyn Took It Tees Now Available. Limited Run.


Words by Nomsy Russell | Flicks by Still 1

It was only a matter of time until we pulled the trigger on getting some merchandise in. We weren't against having it done, we just were unsure of what it would look like and what the cost would be. Not to mention the great deal of work behind selling it. Who wants to get stuck with a bunch of merchandise that doesn't move? Four months ago those doubts were shattered when "The Man - Jamaal Orr" busted out the updated logo for Brooklyn Took It. The three of us, Rogue, Jamaal, and myself, kind of had that "ill brain connection" where everyone stares off into nothingness with that "deer in headlights" look, head slightly tilted to the side with drool slowly oozing out of your mouth...thinking...this would look great on a t-shirt. Uh huh. It really would.

Since we're big on supporting friends that have businesses, I hit the homie Sami-Automatic that owns and operates Redbird Screen Printing in Raleigh, NC to get our first order done. Not only is he a dope DJ and that's really where I know him from, but dude is really running a top notch business that puts out amazing quality. No joke. Everything was smooth from start to finish and we're definitely going back for a Round 2. Plus, North Carolina is a second home to me and I always have to show love whenever possible. Sami - thank you so much man!

And now here we are.

We're very excited to finally announce we've officially launched the Brooklyn Took It online shop and have t-shirts available. It's a very limited run for right now cause as soon as we got them in, they started going out the door before we could even get them on the site. The t-shirts are Bella + Canvas (very similar to American Apparel) and are 100% cotton. They're super light weight which allows your body to breathe. They're not like the heavy Gildan shirts that chokes you out and are stiff after one wash. These have a very relaxed fit and stay soft even after multiple washes - jesus...I sound like an infomercial. Anyways, they're dope and you should really treat yourself to one or two.

In all seriousness, this is a big accomplishment for the Brooklyn Took It crew, and we really couldn't have done this without you wonderful people that support us.

And with that, we leave you with this:

You know Brooklyn Took It as this experience that you look forward to every month. This dope environment dedicated to sharing quality music and good vibes. You came once and got exactly what you came for - an unforgettable night in Brooklyn. Since then, you've always come back for more. We see you and we thank you. 

You've heard about us, but now you're a part of the crew too. Wear it proudly!

Huge thanks to Still-1, Amanda, and Ivan for working with us on the shoot. You guys crushed it!

Check out the shop by clicking on the BIG RED BUTTON below:

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