September Recap - End of Summer Done Right...


Recap by Rogue

Labor Day Weekend is a bittersweet three-day party-marathon, where we all do the most to close out the season with a bang. It's the weekend meant to rule all weekends. Its the last weekend to go wild before having to act like responsible members of society all over again that following Tuesday. We look forward to this weekend yet we dread the unavoidable reason as to why it's so crazy to begin with. We don't want you to end, Summer, but we'd be damned if we didn't send you off proper.

Brooklyn Took It had the pleasure to kick off Labor Day Weekend at the place to be, Friends and Lovers. It was only right to have as our special guest, our homie Jayricks, who kept the party wildin' to his fire reggae and dancehall set. *insert triple airhorn here*

Our ultra good friends Steph Ramirez and Georgia Grey joined in on the fun and celebrated another year around the sun with us in the midst of twerks, laughs, and champagne toasts, while myself and Noms turned the place upside down with our sets.

This was also a special night for all of us because it was the first Brooklyn Took It event where we were not threatened by any foul weather. It was fucking beautiful outside; perfect weather to cool off and let your sweat dry off after all that dancing. Mother Nature really hooked it up for all of us. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, Mama and Papa Noms were in the building. You read that right - Co-founder and resident DJ Noumenon's folks came down from Albany to join in on the celebration - they're the cute older couple on stage behind us. Remember that for next Brooklyn Took're never too old to party with us!

So we had a wild party with all of you and now Summer is over. Gone. Bye-bye.

Good news is, Brooklyn Took It is not going anywhere. That's right, fam, we're here to stay. We already have tricks up our sleeves for the rest of your whole lives, so get ready to keep the party going with the crew.

Next chance to get down with us: October 7th | 10PM | Friends and Lovers

Now that you've marked your calendar, let's reminisce over summer sixteen one last time with these moments captured by Kevin Cappa Way.

pro tip: Don't think "damn, I'm gonna miss the summer." Instead, think, "Dear Summer, I know you gon miss me..."

See you Oct 7th.