September Edition Featuring JayRicks


Well hello there,

You're probably trying to figure out how you ended up here and why you're staring at three faces you don't know - or you received some sort of message from Noms telling you to come to the site and check it out. Whatever the case may be, you're here, and that's all that matters.

The last month has been absolutely crazy for us so we must apologize for not posting a recap of our August edition with Soko. We're sure you missed our snarky and witty posts...but don't you worry...we got you. If you were there last month, you witnessed a really dope party. If you weren't, then you missed a really dope party. What more can we say?

In case you missed last month's festivities, we're back at Friends and Lovers on Friday September 2nd to kick off the Labor Day Weekend and to officially close out summer. If you don't have plans, well now you do. If you do have plans, tell everyone that you had plans with to come with you to Friends and Lovers so you can dance your ass off and have a good time. Drinking is optional but strongly encouraged...carefully that is.

This month we have long time homie and Brooklyn Took It affiliate JayRicks back for a second appearance alongside the usual suspects, Noms and Rogue. JayRicks crushed our February edition so it was only right to bring him back to end the summer off correctly. Which reminds me, cuffing season is slowly approaching so if you're trying to find that temporary someone to get you through the cold weather that's about to beat down upon us like a red headed step child, then you'll definitely want to bring yourself to Friends and Lovers on Friday.

We're also celebrating the born day of our super close homies and amazingly talented individuals, Georgia Grey and Steph Ramirez. Georgia is a sick tattoo artist and painter that you can catch over at Bang Bang Tattoo Shop in NYC ( and Steph is probably one of the illest dancers we've ever met. She was featured in all of our promo videos that you guys bugged out over and has done way too much dope shit to list. Seriously...she did a flip over the net at the 2014 US Open during the opening performance. Who else can say that?

Lastly, we got some really dope t-shirts for sale that will make you summon the powers of majestic creatures like unicorns and leprechauns. Not really...but they look really cool and are only $20 if you buy them at the show. We'll have them posted on the website soon for purchase as well.   

We'll see you on Friday!