June Recap - We Did It Again


Recap by Nomsy Russell

I could go into a very long and detailed post about how dope June's edition of Brooklyn Took It was, but it would pretty much consist of the same thing that we write in every recap. If you were there, then you know the deal. If you weren't, then you also already know what we're going to say next. How about we change that? Instead of doing the obvious, I'm just going to set these pics here and let you see for yourself. You already watched the video above and are feeling some kind of way about it...so all of this is really just confirming the fact that you either got down with us or you were caught sleeping. 

June went down as one of our best events to date - yeah I know we say that all the time but it's because we keep getting better and better. We've been throwing this monthly since February and in 5 months we've been able to host and execute a really dope party and we couldn't have done that without YOU. A huge part of being a DJ is to read the energy coming from the crowd, process it, and give it right back to you. Without that, then we'd have a pretty wack party and nobody wants that. On behalf of the entire Brooklyn Took It family, I'd like to thank all of you for supporting the cause and keeping a really positive and uplifting vibe at our event.

Huge shout out to the homie Esquire for the surprise closing set and the talk shit session at the end of the night. If you were there, you already know.

See you July 1st.

Brooklyn Took It