July Edition Featuring J-Smoke


The rules are simple. As long as you follow them, then your 4th of July weekend will be one of the best ones you've ever experienced in your life...ever. Check it out:

  • Tell your friends you're going to Friends and Lovers on Friday, July 1st at 10pm for one of the best dance parties ever.
  • Tell them if they don't go with you, then you're no longer friends.
  • Come to Brooklyn Took It and meet new friends.
  • Listen to resident DJs Noumenon and Rogue tear it up alongside July's very special guest J-Smoke.
  • Dance. Dance. Dance.
  • Have plenty of drinks and tip the bartender
  • Text all your friends that didn't join you how lame they are and how they're missing a dope party.
  • Take plenty of pictures BUT not while you're on the dance floor.
  • Make sure you get that person you were dancing with their number.
  • Grab a cab or take the train home.
  • Post all your pics on social media and use the hashtag BTIBK
  • Go to work on Monday like a boss and tell everyone they suck cause they missed a dope party.

Follow those steps exactly and you'll win at life.

You can RSVP to the event on our Facebook page by clicking the BIG RED BUTTON below. Yeah....that one down there. We'll see you July 1st! 

Brooklyn Took It