May Recap - Good Vibes Only...


Recap by Nomsy Russell

...and that's exactly what you missed if you weren't at Brooklyn Took It on Friday, May 6th. As you can see from the video; which was shot by the incredibly talented Noah Fowler by the way, the hidden gem known as Friends and Lovers in the heart of Brooklyn was jam-packed with nothing but good vibes and great people. We can keep telling you over and over that you shouldn't miss the next one, but we don't like repeating ourselves, so this time all we can say is...we told you so.

It's kind of crazy how it all unfolded. It was the day after Cinco De Mayo, it was cold and rainy, and Mother's Day was on Sunday. One could easily say that the odds were against us, and to be quite honest they were, but the result was a packed house full of all different types of people with a few things in common: the love to dance, the desire to meet new people, and of party.

We won't bore you with a ton of text cause we know people don't like to read now-a-days, so we'll just set these images right here and let you think through your excuses for not coming out and hopefully it won't happen again.  If it does...all we can say is..."we told you so."

Huge shout out to our brother from another DJ Esquire for rocking with us and shutting the spot down...the man was on beast-mode from start to finish and was flawless with his selection.

We'd also like to give a HUGE thank you to the homie Noah for all the hard work he put in to document the night. Seriously, the man is majestic as fuck behind the lens (video and photography) and I swear he must have rode in on a fucking unicorn with his Samson like hair blowing in the wind.

Noah Fowler

Noah Fowler


Do yourself a favor and check out his work and consider booking won't be disappointed. Plus he's from Albany, NY, which is where I'm from, and that just makes him even cooler.

Noah Fowler Photography