March Recap - Farewell To TiffStarr and Family


Recap By Nomsy Russell

If you missed March's edition of Brooklyn Took should really do yourself a favor and not let that happen again. Don't worry though, we got plenty of pics and quick vid recaps to show you what really went down and why you shouldn't miss the next one.

March was definitely one for the books. We saw a lot of new faces, strangers became friends, friends became lovers (no pun intended) and a gangster tear was shed on stage. We had the Legendary Grandwizzard Theodore bless the decks for a special birthday set, and the homie Xylo was also celebrating her birthday as well. But the highlight of the night went to our dear friends TiffStarr and B-boy Oreo.  We've known TiffStarr for a few years and it was only right to send her back to California the right way - a dope set, packed house, and yes, a custom Adidas Shell Toe Cake from our friend Mala Maranzano of Frosting On The Cake.    


We'd like to give a huge shout out and thank you to the entire Brooklyn Zoo Crew for coming out and supporting the cause. You guys are always welcome to rock with us and any friends of TiffStarr and Oreo, are friends of ours as well. Hope to see the crew at the next one!


We'll see you in April!


Love the cake? Make sure you visit Mala Marazano of Frosting on the Cake at for details on custom cakes and cupcakes for your next event.  Trust won't be disappointed.

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