December Edition - Noms & Rogue Holdin' The Crown!

BTIBK December IG.jpg

What up Brooklyn!

This month's edition is going to be held down solely by co-founders Noms and Rogue, but will still be the same funky ass party that you all love! We decided to do this so we could take the next two months to properly prep for our 1 anniversary which is in February. We got some heavy hitters on the line-up for that so we didn't want to show all of our cards before then.

This month's flyer is inspired by one of our favorite hip-hop albums, Fugees "The Score". This album was so instrumental for both of us, and is still in our "go to" crate for classic hip-hop tracks to drop at Brooklyn Took It.

Go ahead and get a baby sitter, call out of work, grab the crew and head over to Friends and Lovers for the December Edition of Brooklyn Took It. Let us help you sweat off those Thanksgiving pounds the right way with a night of dancing and dope tracks!

We'll see you on the 2nd!