November Recap - We Got Busy...And So Did You.


Recap by Nomsy Russell

I'm not going to start off by saying, "if you missed November's Edition of Brooklyn Took It, then you missed out on all the dopeness that was under one roof"...wait...I actually did just say that so yeah, you missed out. For those that we there, we want to say, "thank you". We know you had a blast because when the lights cut on, we had to kick you guys out. For those of you that missed it, there's not much more I can say about it. Don't you hate missing out on making new friends, dancing, and listening to super dope music by super dope DJs? Of course you do. So don't let it happen again. 

Our special guest for November, iRon Duks, not only destroyed both of his sets throughout the night, but was by far one of our best guest DJs to date. The man simply slayed. Every track that was dropped sent the crowd into frenzy, and he did a perfect job of setting up myself and Rogue to tear that mother f*cker down. Don't believe it, well check the pics the homie Kenny Polyak took and then decide for yourself.

As a special treat for those that attended, we force, yes forced, Brooklyn Took It extended fam and big brother DJ Esquire to drop an impromptu dancehall set that set the vibes right towards the end of the night. Since we're in the midst of cuffin' season, we know some of you were successful in finding that "special someone".

Don't get caught out there and miss the next edition on December 2nd.