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Written by Noms

Brooklyn Took It was created with one thing in mind... have a feel good experience with quality music and exceptional DJs.

In January of 2015, I had the opportunity to host my own monthly at Friends and Lovers in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. At the time, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to do it. The scene in NYC had changed drastically and I was tired of doing the same thing week after week. The crowds had completely changed from what it use to be, and the current pool of music you were expected to play from was down right soulless. If I were to do anything, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do an event that focused on creating a positive atmosphere for our guests, but also gave me full control of what I was playing. No "advice" from owners or managers. No requests. Full creative control.

And that's exactly what Friends and Lovers was offering.

I didn't want to do this on my own and knew I needed to work with someone who possessed the same level of creativity, direction, and dedication as myself, so I pulled in Rogue; an incredibly talented person, super dope DJ, and all around bad-ass as a co-founder and resident DJ. After a few days of sharing ideas, we had everything figured out from the event name, guest DJs, music direction, and overall vibe of the party. The only thing we were missing was our voice.

By our 5th event, a close friend and who I consider a marketing guru, Jamaal Orr, joined the team and played a valuable role in helping us mold our brand. He guided us through the process of defining our voice, finding an audience that would be receptive to it, and the tools required to do so. His ability to understand what we were doing musically and translate that into content that was reflective of the event was truly remarkable. His contributions to Brooklyn Took It helped us solidify a permanent residency at Friends and Lovers and more importantly, an experience that our guests would always remember.

Since it's start, Brooklyn Took It has featured some of NYC's most notable and up and coming DJs, entertained thousands, and has grown to be regarded as one of Brooklyn's favorite dance parties. We focus on creating a welcoming environment for all of our guests regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and politics. We play the music and you's that simple. There's only one rule: comes as you are, ready to dance.

If you haven't experienced Brooklyn Took It yet, do yourself a favor and join us for a night. You won't be disappointed. If you have, we thank you for all of your love and support and we'll see you at the next one.




Rogue is no stranger to the performance world, with experience in acting, singing, and dancing, it was only natural for her to step into the world of DJing. Her career began in her birthplace (Buenos Aires, Argentina), where her love of the arts consumed her daily life. She started as a singer and actress in the TV shows "Tardes De Sol," "Movete Con Georgina," and "Del Tomate." In 2000, she relocated to the United States and has since starred in over 100 theater and film productions, giving her a strong foundation in performing in front of a live audience. Additionally, she has worked as a lead singer, songwriter, and producer with local bands and as a solo artist. She also hosted the internationally renowned Underground Rebel Bingo events in NYC, D.C., Philadelphia, and Miami.

Over the past 3 years Rogue has completely immersed herself in her DJ career and has trained with some of NYC’s top DJs including DJ Noumenon, Dirty Digits, and 2X USA DMC Champion DJ Esquire. She also attended the world famous Scratch DJ Academy where she scored in the top 5% of Scratch's Certification Program. Rogue is currently the Saturday night resident DJ at NYC's legendary Lucky Jack's in the Lower East Side.

As an up-and-coming DJ, she has amassed an impressive resume with performances at: Santos Party House, Irving Plaza, Webster Hall, Le Possion Rouge, Friends and Lovers, Drink Lounge, Gramercy Theatre, Cellar Bar, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and Public Assembly to name a few.







DJ Noumenon, also known as Noms for short, has dedicated the greater part of his life to the DJ world through performing, teaching, consulting, and curating. His understanding of music and how it impacts people's lives has been the driving force behind his experience and longevity as a DJ.

Originating from Albany, NY, his career began in North Carolina where his love of the art-form flourished. He started as a turntablist and pushed the envelope doing so, winning numerous battles, providing scratches for recording artists, and hosting some of the largest events across the state. In 2002 he and long time DJ partner Slim Deluxe joined forces with North Carolina emcees, Konsci and Tronic to form the indie Hip-Hop group Mindsone. Throughout the last 16 years, Mindsone has released several singles and albums globally, and has worked with notable artists such as Kev Brown, Oddisee, Rhapsody, J. Rawls, Homeboy Sandman, John Robinson, and Illmind.

In 2005 Noms moved back to New York to pursue a career in teaching the art-form of DJing at the world famous Scratch DJ Academy. Within 9 years of working at Scratch, Noumenon educated thousands of students, held the title as both the NYC and National Academy Director, handled course curriculum and development, and managed 50+ instructors nationwide. In 2014 Noms decided it was time to step away from Scratch DJ Academy to dedicate his full time and energy to his craft.

Throughout his 24 year career, Noms has been featured in numerous national media outlets, including Fuse TV, Spike TV, MTV, and Forbes, among others. He has spun at major venues throughout NYC while sharing the stage with legendary artists such as Questlove, Mark and Samantha Ronson, Sublime with Rome, MF Doom, Pete Rock, DJ Qbert, Little Brother, and Dave Chapelle, to name a few. His experience is endless, which shines through in his performances.